Without any doubt scaffolding is the primary tool used in the field of restoration. By means of scaffolding one can provide easy access to workmen in a safe and clean environment whilst reducing the inconvenience to the public. Hiring of scaffolding provisions were one of our first services since our inceptive in this competitive market.

Scaffolding initially was bought from local suppliers but, as the need for such tool was continually at an increase, we started importing it ourselves. This provided the company with a new venture, in that of selling scaffolding to third parties at very competitive prices. At first our primary system used was the tubular system but nowadays the “Multidirectional System” provides an easier and more rapid access. No matter the size of the project or duration our aim is to always comply with health and safety regulations; this in mind to safeguard both our personnel and general public.


Scaffolding can be used in a number of configurations such as:

Construction and maintenance scaffoldings

Shoring structures and casting supports

Yard ladders

Service and promotional structures

Grandstand, Stage &  Light housing tower





Multi-Direction System (SM8)

This is an eight-connection node system for complex-designed provisional structures with efficiency requirement during erection and dismantling. The eight-connections, multi-level system SM8 provides an extremely versatile solution for the erection of temporary structures.



H Frame System

Thanks to the built-in construction technique, erection and dismantling times are extremely short as well as highly safe and economical at the same time.


Tubular System

The traditional system but nowadays still constantly used as it still provides the greatest flexibility.