Fruitful years, dating back from the Knights of St John and the British Empire, have left us with an elaborate overlay of rich heritage comprising of an intricate defensive system with a remarkable series of monuments and fortifications.


Yet, despite all these historic gems which our ancestors have left us, throughout the years the task of saving and preserving our rich local heritage has seen its toll. For many years Malta has witnessed neglect in the preservation and restoration of these monuments, which should primarily be one of the main concerns of the Maltese citizens. However as years passed the Maltese have understood the importance of this finest architectural and artistic heritage, and thus revamped an importance in the restoration concept to safeguard the legacy surrounding the island. In this regard Vaults Company Limited understood that all these surviving manifestations bear a common and identifiable tie, and hence was one of the first to penetrate this market to safeguard our past.


Vaults Company Limited continued building on the pediments set by the former J&C Farrugia Limited. J&C Farrugia was co-owned by the brothers Joseph and Charles Farrugia who took over the trade skills of building from their father Saviour. Having started from a humble building background, way back in the late 1990s, J&C started engaging itself in the restoration sector. The first significant restoration project entrusted to the company was the Conservation Works at St. Helen’s Gate in Cospicua.


From the very start J&C, backed by dedication and initiative, kept abreast with international markets engaged in restoration to always exploit ever changing techniques and technologies. This flair for learning has seen the company excel in restoration whilst conforming to international conservation principles.


It was right at this point in time that J&C acquired the JOS Cleaning System – specifically designed to clean these types of monuments whilst, not only conserving the natural patina of the stone without causing any harm to the texture, but on the contrary, restoring them to their former glory and bringing back the detail that was lost.


Always under constant monitoring of the Cottonera Rehabilitation Project and its architects, J&C started acquiring experience after every project assigned to the company. With the project Conservation Works at St. Paul’s Church in Cospicua, the company continued strengthening on its standards set at St. Helen’s Gate.


We started adopting new techniques in restoration, being more of an elaborate nature so as to always offer an unrivalled product to the community and focus on long-term sustainability. Such practices comprise of Plastic Repair and Stone Consolidation.


With continuous belief in mind that it is the duty of our company to safeguard the natural heritage, J&C started importing material specifically designed for restoration. Professionalism portrayed by J&C is not only implied in its work, but also through focus on health and safety requirements for its workers at every site. This has made the company strive more thus engaging itself in importing scaffolding to the latest standards conforming to the said requirements.

Other bigger projects entrusted to J&C comprised of the Restoration of Façade on South Street and Side Elevation at our Lady of Victory Church in Valletta, Conservation Works at Fort Ricasoli in Kalkara, Conservation Works at St. Anne’s Gate, Senglea, and Restoration and Cleaning of Palazzo Parisio in Valletta. Meanwhile in 2004 one of the directors of J&C retired, and Vaults Company Limited took over its operations. Vaults continued to build on the foundations, past beliefs and hard work of J&C, and this was complemented by the winning of one of the largest restoration bids on the Island – Restoration Works at Fort Manoel, forming part of the Lm140 million Manoel Island and Tigné Point Development project.


Everybody at Vaults believes that nowadays, through the preservation of our local heritage we are preserving a Malta for our future children, representing in itself a lasting commitment of over thousands of years of hard work and past human achievement.


Work involved is delicate in nature, laborious and complex and we deem it important that heritage conservation involves dedicated specialised manpower using the latest equipment in restoration material to fight against decay, desecration and destruction. From this we derive our mission statement: