Fort Manoel Island Main Gate - In Process
October 2009


Works down at the main gate and couvre porte are well advanced. This month saw the completion of cleaning and restoration interventions of the ornate doorway. Repair operations included the formation of the almost depleted ‘M’ and ‘A’ initials on the entablature as well as the wreathed Maltese crosses which were completely missing.

Updates of works on Chapel, Fort Manoel
September 2009


By the middle of September the lantern was practically complete with the small cupoletta constructed above the cornice supported by the Corinthian capitals. On the 15th of September the spherical finial was positioned on the lantern dome. This special moment was commemorated by the placing of a time-capsule in the mortar beneath the finial.
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Updates of works on Chapel, Fort Manoel
August 2009

Once all infill shells between the ribs were done, work on the lantern began. At this point the form work supporting the cupola was struck. Whilst the masons worked on the base and pilasters of the structure, the sculptors laboured on the intricate Corinthian capitals down in their workshop. Meanwhile pointing and fair-facing works on the chapel’s exterior got underway. Read More...

Update of works - Fort Manoel Chapel
June 2009


Perhaps the most challenging phase of this project was the design of the masonry elements and their positioning in what is the cupola of the chapel. Every stone was expertly cut and shaped according to individually designed templates. These were then carefully positioned on custom-built form work and scantlings.  Read More...

Completion of Works - Xghajra Tower
March 2009


After a tumultuous winter, all restoration works on the tower are complete with the foundations on the sea-facing base of the tower consolidated where existing and rebuilt where missing. This operation consisted of reconstructing the rock face using boulders lying around the beach nearby backed with concrete reinforced with a number of strategically positioned carbon fibre rods.  Read More...

Work Updates : Manoel Island Chapel
January 2009


The New Year has seen the completion of the vault covering the sanctuary and High Altar together with the lunettes springing over the choir balconies using traditional methods of stereotomy and support. Preparation is presently underway to put in place the roof platform above the vault. Read More...

Barrack Blocks Update : Fort Manoel
December 2008


The reconstruction of the missing vaults in Block A is advancing swiftly with the barrel vaults at first floor almost complete. Sundry restoration interventions on the same block are also underway. These include the re-erection of the chimney stacks on the existing gabled roof level, insensitive internal modifications and removal of non-historic finishes. . Read More...

Commencement of Works - Xghajra Tower.
October 2008


Built by Grand Master de Redin in 1658 a one of a chain of towers along the Maltese coastline, this structure is the last of its kind to survive in the area. Known originally as Torri Mwiegel, it consists of two chambers; a lower one for ammunition storage and an upper one used as living quarters for the garrison.  Read More...

Updated works - Barrack Blocks Manoel Island.
May 2008

Considerable progress has been made on the arcade of Block C (Governor’s and officer’s block) which is practically being built from scratch. The first floor level of arches is almost complete and roofing will soon follow.  Read More...

Updated works - Manoel Island Chapel.
March 2008


Reconstruction works on the sacristy and preparatory chamber have advanced steadily with the ceiling level reached in most places. Works here also included the formation of the lavabo niche and the foundations for the spiral staircase and the erection of diaphragm arches and roofing slabs over the sacristy. Read More...

Commencement of works - St Helen’s Bastion.
December 2007


With restoration works on the Polverista and adjacent platforms complete it was now the turn of the Valletta-facing bastion wall to receive treatment. After the extensive scaffolding was set up to a maximum height of five storeys, works began with the replacement of deteriorated stonework. Read More...

Commencement of works - St Anthony of Padua Chapel.
November 2007


In September 2007, began the prestigious and challenging project of the reconstruction of the chapel at Fort Manoel. This architectural gem was completed by 1734 to serve the spiritual needs of the garrison. Its design is attributed to the fort’s engineer Mondion.....

Work Process on Barrack Blocks - Manoel Island,
October 2007

The new roof of Block D (Chaplain’s and officers’ houses) has necessitated the inclusion of structural consolidation due to movement cracks formed as a result of bomb damage sustained during the war.  Meanwhile restoration works on the arcade of the same block are in full swing with extensive plastic repairs being introduced in the mouldings and cornices.
Other notable works include

Scaffolding for Arts Festival
09 July 2006


Sixty years after its demolition, the façade of the Royal Opera House shall be re-created to form part of the Arts Festival being held at Valletta which shall run from the 28th July 2006 up to 20th August 2006. Vaults Co. Ltd. has been appointed to erect the scaffolding structure to support the affixation of the banner reproducing the façade.

Block B Manoel Island
09 June 2006


Vaults Co. Ltd. has presently been granted an extension at Manoel Island that incorporates restoration works on Block B.This extension is the end result of the high level of work being given to MIDI plc and shows our commitment towards the satisfaction of our clientele.


Restoration Material
05 April 2006

Our drive to constantly enhance our services has resulted throughout the years in establishing a close relationship with Tecno Edile Toscana. Tecno Edile Toscana is a firm which specializes in producing material specifically designed for restoration. Such materials have been used amongst others in the restoration of prominent worldwide known buildings amongst which, the renowned Fontana Di Trevi and the Pantheon at Rome.


Recently Tecno Edile Toscana has granted Vaults Co. Ltd. the exclusivity to be the local agents for their range of products other, the brand of Ledan. Further details can be obtained by visiting

Sponsor Agreement

10 February 2006

Vaults Co. Ltd. has just signed a three year agreement with Kalkara FC to be its main kit sponsor. The agreement has been signed between the club President Mr. Norman Clews and Secretary Mr. Joe Pisani and the company’s Director Mr. Joseph Farrugia. During the presentation speech the club thanked the sponsor for their financial assistance which will help them further in their quest to attain their goals. On the other hand Mr. Farrugia wished the club the best of luck. Also he pointed out that it is with great pleasure that his company is helping the football club of his locality and looks forward for any future co-operation.