Our dedication towards our work area, whereby in our mission statement we state restoration as ‘not just a profession but a means of contributing to safeguard the cultural gems on our islands’  has brought our dedication more complex and we faced many hurdles.  


In actual fact, back from our core basis, one of our obstacles, yet tactfully exploited by us as an opportunity to maximize our strengths, was to find adequate material in this work area yet, material specific ‘per se’ to the restoration industry.  In its own nature, restoration is a developing spotlight industry offering infinite possibilities to a company like Vaults which bases its source of success through the result demonstrated both in its strenuous dedicated work and its committed workforce.


Consequently, this has led us not only to source and build strong-founded relationships with suppliers in the local arena but, also envisage a higher perspective – sourcing the foreign markets.  Further to the latter complex visualizations in the past, through perseverance and hard work, today with pride we can say that we started to import material ourselves and this automatically opened other new opportunities: Selling the material locally directly from our warehouses.


This assures not only competitive prices, both for us and mostly for our customers but; for the latter, the mind-assurance that through each material-purchase one is being a offered ‘mutually convenient advantage’.  By this we mean that both US and our valued customers, are benefiting from a ‘material package’ in itself encompassing not only the product (always previously tested by us, mostly on-site), but our long-built experience, continuous feedback and after sales, that we pride ourselves we offer every time.


Throughout the years, this has led us to work closely with our suppliers, whom we value more as ‘partners’, to reach also ourselves the mutually convenient advantage we promise our end customers, and always keeping in mind the safeguarding of our cultural gems.


Our partners listed hereunder also live our same values and assist us periodically to offer the best product, through continuous material support via the latest research and development technology available.




Tecno Edile Toscana is a company specialized in the production of special materials, mainly targeted for use in the conservation of buildings of particular artistic and historical nature.  Through the use of its own technologically-enhanced laboratory, with instruments suitable for building-site-related diagnoses, the company specifically detects various reasons causing the degradation of materials used in old buildings and, methodically exercises numerous types of operations suitable for solving the problem matters.  


The company has been engaged by Ministero per I Beni Culturali e Ambientali (the Cultural and Environmental Heritage Ministry), Istituto Centrale per il Restauro (Central Restoration Institute) to carry out specific research projects and, thanks to the degree of specialization acquired, it has solved complex problematic issues in monuments such as  the world-famous Colosseum, more known as ‘Il Colosseo’ in Rome, Italy; the Colonnade designed by Michelangelo at the Museo Nazionale Romano in Rome, the Trevi Fountain, the Tourinai Necropolis, the Palazzo dei Te in Mantua, Capitol Palace, Farnesina frescoes, Pantheon, Giotto frescoes in the Scrovegni Chapel, exterior walls San Marino, and an endless list of world-valued cultural gems.


Ledan TC1 Plus

Premix suitable for structural consolidations in supports with a tendency to be dry.


Premix suitable to carry out consolidation on structures through injections.  Suitable only for structures that are dry, ground elevated and cannot be used on frescoes or mosaics.

This product has good mechanical resistances similar to those of the supports on which it is applied.  Ledan TC1 Plus introduces optimal vapor permeability and an established elevated volumetric.  Ledan TC1 Plus can be injected without preliminary saturation of the supports with water.

Fields of applications

Highly suitable for the consolidation of large areas or buildings which, require filling of cavities, structural consolidation and sealing of lesions.  The mixture has to be applied with the aid of injections.



      Ledan Adranal

Hydraulic premix suitable for the protection of/and waterproofing of masonries.



The product is a special transparent premix which, due to its particular composition, is tenaciously applied to the common building materials.  This enables Adranal to become an integrated part of the structure.  The presence of natural brick dust guarantees an optimal resistance to the disintegrating action of aggressive marine water.

Fields of Application

Adranal is an extremely adaptable formula.  It is mainly employed in the reconstruction of humid plastering, both internal and external.  Additionally, it is also suitable in its employment of monumental buildings and explicitly adequate for the reconstruction of unhealthy atmospheres where persons or warehouses of deteriorable goods live.  Adranal is ideal for the elimination of water infiltrations from structures, also suitable for structures which are totally underground since treatment can be applied from the inside.  Moreover, Adranal can be employed to waterproof ponds, swimming pools and lift cabins and various other work areas.



       Ledan MTX-L

Hydraulic to point the interstices between the bricks and stones.


Excellent workability, also without preliminary wetting of the supports; easy cleaning of the spillage;, its chemical-mechanics are compatible with lime and brick dust.  The excellent capacity of Ledan MTX-L to retain the water of the pasty mixture in the first hours of application, avoids the product from quick drying.

Fields of applications

Suitable hydraulic binder combining with mixes of either silica or lime-based nature, to the consolidation of the structure and the contemporary restoration of the interstitial pointing of wing walls and, to their eventual re-plastering shaved stone.


Source: Tecno Edile Toscana 2009